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Episode 6
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Regenerative tourism: When sustainability isn’t enough
How can we leave the places we visit better off than we found them? On this episode, we tackle the tricky term ‘regenerative tourism’ and the responsibility we all have as travelers. We hear from the growing group of travel professionals touting regeneration as the next step in travel: Aukje Van Gerven, Tourism manager of Rewilding Europe reveals how she’s helping endangered species across Europe, from wild bison in Romania to the Iberian lynx in Portugal, tour operator Jennifer Spatz, CEO of Global Family Travels, shares how they put host communities from Iceland to India at the heart of each trip, and scientist, activist and author of Designing Regenerative Cultures, Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl, gives us his take on how regenerative systems and thinking can inspire much more than just the travel industry! Plus: TOPOSOPHY’s insights into how the regenerative movement can become a reality in practice.
Dr Daniel Christian Wahl
Author of "Designing Regenerative Cultures"
Jennifer Spatz
Founder and CEO of Global Family Travels
Aukje Van Gerven
Rewilding Training & Tourism Manager at Rewilding Europe
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