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Episode 16
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Direct Democracy and Citizen Science: How Crowdsourcing Tech is Helping Empower Residents
What can the everyday person teach an expert when it comes to the places we live? How can something as simple as the design of a webpage lead to more constructive collaboration? And what does it take to have a truly participatory way of governing? In this episode, we talk to Robert Bjanarson, the CEO of Citizens Foundation and the man behind “Your Priorities”, a platform that has helped cities across the globe crowdsource solutions for their urban planning problems. Before UCL Professor Muki Haklay breaks down what exactly citizen science is and why it’s never been easier for the average joe to contribute to valuable research. Plus: Reykjavik resident Axel Kvaran talks us through the process of proposing a project for his neighbourhood.
Robert Bjanarson
Co-Founder and President at Citizens Foundation
Muki Haklay
Professor of Geographical Information Science at UCL
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