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Common Ground by TOPOSOPHY

Urbanism meets food, travel, business, tech and the environment in our podcast series 'Common Ground' that takes a fresh look at the future of our cities and the people redefining it: from influential chefs, musicians and activists, to architects, urban planners, politicians, environmentalists and entrepreneurs.

We travel the globe to ask the big questions: How can we fix our food system? How can tourism be a force for good? How can we breathe life back into abandoned buildings? How can we prevent natural disasters? How is remote work changing what we look for in our cities?

We bring you the stories of human resilience and innovation at the heart of our world’s rapid transformation.

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              Follow and listen to Common Ground at your preferred podcast platform. New episodes released monthly.

              For more than a decade TOPOSOPHY has been inspiring and informing its clients on how to transform places; whether they’re neighbourhoods, cities, regions or whole countries. As constantly curious people, we love to collect game-changing ideas that are transforming other sectors, and draw valuable lessons for the future of places. This podcast series - curated by the TOPOSOPHY team - is just one example of how we bring these valuable ideas to life.