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Partnering with the Union of Greek Chambers of Commerce to Chart a Sustainable Tourism Roadmap
Union of Greek Chambers of Commerce
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Dec 16 ― 2022
2022 has been the least restrictive year yet for tourism and travel ever since the start of the pandemic. Countries around the world are witnessing spikes in their tourist activity that exceed pre-pandemic levels — and Greece is no exception to that trend.
Guidelines to Foster Sustainable Tourism Development in Greece

As as we enter the post-pandemic era, the needs of both tourists and countries are shifting in favour of sustainable tourism more than ever. 

With all of that in mind, TOPOSOPHY returns to its roots in Greece for a new project starting in late 2022 for the Union of Greek Chambers of Commerce (UHCC). The UHCC is an organisation that is dedicated to developing and advancing the interests of local businesses to boost economic growth. With Greece’s visitor economy blooming more than ever in the post-pandemic era, its role in shaping the local economy is vital. 

Working our way into the next year, the team at TOPOSOPHY intends to support the UHCC by analysing the current standing of the country and then crafting realistic, actionable recommendations to meet our pre-defined goals when it comes to sustainable tourism.

Our Project Agenda Moving Forward

  • Navigate the current sustainability landscape to determine its standing in the post-pandemic era and identify the posed threats and opportunities as an outcome.

  • Carry out an in-depth analysis of the trends that shape the travel landscape from a sustainability perspective, providing a fresh look at consumer trends, as well as mapping trends from the supply chain.

  • Conduct a detailed benchmarking analysis with best practices from all over the world that can provide tangible lessons to Greek destinations related to local community engagement and empowerment, values-based marketing and sustainable mobility, and gastronomy practices.

  • Conclude with a gap analysis on what areas require improvements as well as with actionable recommendations to move forward.

With this action plan in place, our team is confident that we can make significant headway throughout 2023. Closely follow our blog or social media for more updates along the way. 

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Research Analyst
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