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Developing a New Vision and Ambitions for Tourism in South Dublin County
South Dublin County Council
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Dec 13 ― 2022
Marta Mills
Project Manager | Sustainable Tourism
We are excited to add a new country into our long list of places we have been transforming for the benefit of the residents and visitors - Ireland. Over the next few months, we will be working in partnership with KPMG Future Analytics on a new tourism strategy for South Dublin County.
South Dublin Tourism Strategy And Implementation Plan

We will also be working with CAAS, one of Ireland’s longest established providers of planning and environmental advice to help conserve the natural and cultural environment, to ensure the new strategy is aligned with and supports the County’s local social and environmental goals. 

South Dublin County is one of three regions in the Greater Dublin Metropolitan Area. We will be working on a strategy for a region of exceptional natural beauty, including the Dublin Mountains, and an array of cultural and historical assets that can attract visitors from Dublin and beyond. 

We will be building on the current strategy, developing a new shared vision, ambition and the key priorities through extensive, in-depth community and stakeholder engagement, focussing on local people’s needs and values. We believe it is important to identify ways to encourage visitors to stay longer and enjoy the County’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and are curious to find out how the community sees this working for them in the future. 

What we are working on:

  • Destination and Market analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement 
  • Strategy Sprint Workshop 
  • Tourism Strategy and Implementation Plan 
  • Strategic Environmental Screening Report
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Marta Mills
Project Manager
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