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Experience Design Workshop in Syros Island
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Feb 29 ― 2024
TOPOSOPHY curated and conducted a workshop on Experience Design for local stakeholders and business representatives in Syros Island as part of a project funded by the Municipality of Syros - Ermoupolis.
About the Workshop

On 22nd February 2024, TOPOSOPHY hosted an Experience Design Workshop in the hall of the Municipal Council as part of the implementation of the project "Designing Thematic Experience Packages with Routes, Tours and Activities".

The workshop aimed to inform local stakeholders and tourism businesses about Syros Island's performance in the previous tourist season, market trends influencing Syros's positioning in thematic experiences, and best practices from both domestic and international destinations.

The workshop also introduced a series of goals aimed at enhancing Syros's long-term competitive position in alignment with the broader goals and objectives of the Visitor Economy & Place Branding Strategy prepared by TOPOSOPHY in 2022. 

The focal point of the event was the presentation of proposals for five thematic experience packages, integrating elements from the island's existing activities and tours. These packages are intended to directly promote the destination to potential visitors and specialized interest groups through online channels, promotional activities, and marketing efforts at travel markets, including family trips and tourism exhibitions. The initiative aligns with the destination’s commitment to engaging more closely the travel trade for enhanced visibility.

The workshop concluded with a group discussion, fostering the development of ideas for new thematic experiences on Syros. We extend our gratitude to the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis for collaborating on the workshop and to all participants for their valuable contributions.

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