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Developing the European Tourism Crisis Management Framework: supporting destinations in crisis preparedness, response, and recovery
European Travel Commission
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Mar 27 ― 2024
Marta Mills
Senior Project Manager | Sustainable Tourism
We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed by the European Travel Commission to compile a report analyzing the impacts of crises on the European tourism sector over the last decade, and to develop a Crisis Management Framework to support European National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) in the preparation, response, and recovery from crises.
About the Project

The tourism sector is highly sensitive and vulnerable to a variety of crises, particularly when there are perceived health and security concerns for visitors. Security threats, including terrorism, wars, political instability, conflicts, and global pandemics as well as natural disasters and extreme weather events present ongoing challenges to the sector. In addition, emerging risks such as digital security and resource scarcity are anticipated to gain prominence in the coming years, while climate change is unleashing a whole series of incidents that lead to a variety of crises across European destinations. 

The effects of a crisis can have devastating, long-range impacts on destinations, businesses, visitors, residents as well as the natural environment. In the current time of instability and potential crises caused by pandemics, geopolitical tensions, food and energy crises, and escalating environmental challenges, this project is crucial to help destinations navigate these diverse challenges and build resilience. 

Our work will involve extensive research on different types of crises affecting tourism destinations and on the crises' impacts on the place, people, and the natural environment. The Crisis Management Framework will provide practical solutions for European NTOs in planning, responding, and recovering from crises.

Modules With Include
  1. In-depth Desk Research:
    Conducting an analytical exploration to understand crises and their impacts on tourism destinations.
  2. Case Studies:
    Showcasing a handpicked collection of success stories from both European and non-European destinations to provide insights into effective crisis management strategies.
  3. Expert Interviews:
    Engaging in meaningful conversations with seasoned professionals to extract critical wisdom and key learnings.
  4. The Crisis Management Framework:
    Developing a practical, actionable guide specifically tailored for European National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), covering comprehensive strategies for planning, responding to, and recovering from crises.
  5. Workshops:
    Organizing exclusive sessions for CEOs of European NTOs to critically review the Crisis Management Framework, exchange insights, and reinforce best practices.

We are delighted to be working with the ETC again, building up on our previous research projects that include:

ETC Study on Generation Z Travellers (2020)

ETC Handbook on Covid-19 Recovery Strategies for National Tourism Organisations (2020)

ETC Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices (2021)

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