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Around the table 2023
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In the heart of Athens, we embarked on an unparalleled culinary journey once more, proudly partnering with Mastercard to reintroduce 'Around the table' for its second successful year. This extraordinary initiative invited Athenians to explore the local culinary scene with a captivating twist: A commitment to sustainability.
The Aim

In collaboration with Mastercard, TOPOSOPHY organised the second edition of Around the Table, a groundbreaking culinary 3-week event in Athens, where 40 beloved restaurants curated custom menus, each inspired by Greek cuisine and crafted with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Around the Table offers Mastercard cardholders an exclusive opportunity to enjoy 40 tailor-made menus and 3 priceless experiences highlighting Greece's diverse flavors.

Objective 01

Establish 'Around the Table' as a flagship event for Mastercard, reinforcing the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Objective 02

Showcase the versatility and creativity of sustainable cooking techniques, encouraging food enthusiasts to celebrate the tradition of sharing.

Objective 03

Increase brand awareness and recognition among young food enthusiasts, emphasizing its association with culinary passion.

Objective 04

Increase engagement and loyalty among Mastercard cardholders by providing them with exclusive access to unique culinary experiences.

Objective 05

Generate positive media coverage and social media buzz around 'Around the Table,' amplifying the message of sustainable dining.

Objective 06

Measure and track key metrics to demonstrate the tangible outcomes and effectiveness of the sustainable gastronomy concept.

The Ingredients

Around the Table aligned with TOPOSOPHY's mission to promote sustainability while celebrating the culinary scene in Greece. By offering sustainable menus and experiences, we aimed to show that sustainability doesn't mean compromising the quality of food and entertainment.

Key elements of the project included:

Key element 01

3 weeks filled with deliciousness in an immersive urban journey

Key element 02

40 beloved restaurants in Athens with 40 tailor-made menus

Key element 03

3 physical experiences with popular restaurants in Athens

Key element 04

360° dedicated marketing campaign in coordination with all partners and sponsors


The event concluded with enthusiastic local participation, surpassing set targets and affirming the success and community engagement of 'Around the table's' second year. This resounding achievement underscores the enduring impact of sustainable gastronomy and the event's integral role in fostering culinary appreciation.


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