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Services Projects 30 Insights 49 Podcasts 17 Careers About
Strategy & Consulting
Taking long-term decisions in a world of constantly changing challenges and priorities is no easy task. That’s why we aim to lighten the load by helping you focus on what really matters, what works and what will reap rewards in the long-term. We take sustainability seriously in placemaking, and with careful guidance and the highest standards, we’ll also help you to turn responsible words into action.

Some of Europe’s leading cities and hotspot destinations have trusted TOPOSOPHY to guide them through the strategy building process, taking care to ensure that all points of view are brought on board, guided by the most solid intelligence and world-class best practices.

What’s included
Tourism master plans & feasibility studies
We study the environment both within and beyond the tourism sector to build reliable master plans and objective feasibility. studies.
Destination management plans
Guided by a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility, we combine local ambition and potential to deliver durable destination management plans.
Stakeholder mapping & community consultation
Acting as your eyes and ears, we build a plan of who to work with, and gather insights on the most pressing issues to take into account in the strategy building process.
Strategy sprints & workshops
Take smart decisions swiftly, as we use our trusted methodology to compress research, testing, exploration and action planning into a matter of days.