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Services Projects 29 Insights 46 Podcasts 17 Careers About
Research & Intelligence
Solid, rigorous and trustworthy research is an essential starting point for whatever decisions you want to take, and this is where TOPOSOPHY leads. Whether you’re surveying the competitive landscape, making a change of direction with a new strategy, or building a transformational event, we’ll always ensure that you have insights to hand that build the knowledge, trust and confidence that you need to move forward.
What’s included
Place / Destination audits
We’ll make a rigorous, data-led look at your street, attraction or whole city, to help you plan the way forward.
Trends Analysis
We capture the game changing shifts in a changing world, and make them make sense for you and your audiences.
Strategic benchmarking
We sort and select global leaders in their field, and draw key lessons on what works, to help you stand out.
Consumer / Visitor Research
The strongest insights come from asking the right questions. We use trusted research methods to deliver results that you can rely. on.
Resident Sentiment Research
What matters to local residents matters most of all if you want to be socially sustainable. With curiosity and sensitivity, we uncover the issues that matter most to local residents.