Making more from the long-stay market: mapping the world of the digital nomad

We hear the term ‘digital nomads’ all the time, but who are they in reality? With more of the world’s remote workers on the move, what could cities gain from attracting digital nomads, and what could they lose? In a brand new report with European Cities Marketing, we show how to make the most from travelling global talent. 

It’s no secret that the global labour market is currently in a state of huge flux. The pandemic is just one of the catalysts that’s pushing professionals worldwide to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle and career, and to take to the road. With both workers and employers looking for unprecedented levels of flexibility, could this lead to a new wave of ‘global nomads’? What do destinations looking to attract digital nomads need to know first? 

As part of our proud industry partnership with European Cities Marketing, we’ve produced a groundbreaking new report ‘Understanding the world of the digital nomad: How can cities tap into new sources of travelling global talent?’ The report contains a wide range of practical insights that define who digital nomads really are and what they seek from a place to live and work. We also make a comprehensive map of the digital nomad ‘ecosystem’ and explain how cities can make sure they get the most from this dynamic market. 

Read the report to find out: 
  • What defines a ‘digital nomad’ 
  • Why the global community of digital nomads is growing
  • How cities can benefit from attracting talented digital nomads, and what they need to beware of
  • The leading businesses catering to digital nomads’ every need
  • Practical ways for cities to become more competitive in the digital nomads market 


                                        Understanding the World of the Digital Nomad
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