A user-friendly handbook on encouraging sustainable tourism practices

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has just published a practical Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices. TOPOSOPHY is proud to have worked for ETC to produce the guide, which is aimed at encouraging businesses and consumers to make more responsible choices.

As Europe’s tourism sector emerges from the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a clear expectation on all sides -governments, consumers and businesses- that promoting a more sustainable approach to tourism development should be the top priority in the years to come. 

The role for National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and Destination Marketing/Management Organisations (DMOs) is also becoming more clearly defined; in the coming years businesses and consumers will look to them for clear guidance and coaching on how to improve tourism’s environmental, social and economic footprint.

While there is clearly a lot of enthusiasm (and recovery funding) channeled towards achieving this, the ‘sustainability landscape’ for consumers and businesses (especially SMEs) is crowded with a plethora of accreditation schemes, guidelines, quality assurance systems and marketing campaigns. Even where consumers are willing to change their ways, taking action isn’t always easy if price, time and other practical considerations put obstacles in their way. 

Showing the way forward with clear guidelines and inspiring examples

The European Travel Commission, an international association representing 33 national tourism organisations in Europe, is aware of this and keen to support NTOs and DMOs in their mission to make Europe ‘the reference destination in sustainable tourism’. 

With this in mind, the ETC commissioned TOPOSOPHY to produce the Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices, which brings together the knowledge and expertise of leading European destinations in an accessible format that every organisation in the sector can use. 

What have we done?
  • Review major supply and demand sustainability trends in travel and tourism
  • Explore the role that COVID-19 is playing in shifting consumer and business behaviour on sustainability
  • Identify and select best practice case studies from around the world 
  • Provide practical recommendations for NTOs and DMOs on how to support sustainable tourism trends further, and encourage businesses and visitors to make the right choices
Download the Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices here, from the ETC’s dedicated page.





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