A guide to sustainable tourism practices for every organisation

We are delighted to be working with the European Travel Commission to compile a guide for putting sustainable tourism principles into practice.

Work is underway to bring together a comprehensive guide for national tourism organisations (NTOs) and destination management organisations (DMOs) for helping to encourage businesses and consumers to make the right choices. 

The new Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices, will bring together the knowledge and expertise of leading European destinations in an accessible format that every organisation in the sector can use. 

What have we done?

  • Review major supply and demand sustainability trends in travel and tourism
  • Explore the role that COVID-19 is playing in shifting consumer and business behaviour on sustainability
  • Identify and select best practice case studies from around the world 
  • Provide practical recommendations for NTOs and DMOs on how to support sustainable tourism trends further, and encourage businesses and visitors to make the right choices
The Handbook will be published by the European Travel Commission, an international association representing 32 national tourism boards in Europe. Publication is expected to take place in September 2021 and will be announced by the ETC press centre, as well as on our own channels. 





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