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Elevating Dublin's Experiences: Crafting Innovative Offerings for a Thriving Future
Fáilte Ireland
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Mar 15 ― 2023
Dr Pantazis Pastras
Senior Researcher
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new project for the development of the Dublin City Destination Experience Development Plan (DEDP).
About the Project

Following our ongoing collaboration on a new tourism strategy for South Dublin County, TOPOSOPHY is excited to work alongside KPMG Analytics to co-create a sustainable and commercially viable plan for the development of existing and new experiences, with the aim to benefit a range of groups including local businesses, the residents and different groups of visitors.

Dublin, a cosmopolitan city for domestic visitors and an iconic destination for international visitors, boasts an abundance of treasures that make it a truly enchanting place. Its long-standing heritage, culture, picturesque landscapes, and lively nightlife are all highlights of this vibrant urban hub. With the launch of the DEDP project, we are poised to amplify the magic of Dublin by crafting fresh and innovative experiences, tapping into synergies across different elements, and building an even more dynamic and compelling metropolis. Our ultimate ambition is to draw more visitors to the city, keep them for longer, and create a thriving community that yields meaningful dividends for locals and visitors alike.

In this project, TOPOSOPHY is committed to integrating key lessons from international experience and advanced research insights into the DEDP. We are also dedicated to facilitating and curating consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, including local communities, Dublin City Council, tourism agencies, attractions, and activity providers. By doing so, we aim to ensure that the DEDP is a well-rounded and comprehensive plan that reflects the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

We are honoured to be working with KPMG Analytics and Fáilte Ireland on this exciting project, and we look forward to engaging with key stakeholders in the coming months. Together, we hope to create a lasting legacy for Dublin City that benefits both its residents and visitors for years to come.

What we are working on:

  • Trends & Benchmarking Destination Analysis
  • Distribution Audit & Competitor Analysis
  • Analysis of Resident & Visitor Insights
  • Communications Strategy
  • Stakeholder Interviews & Site Visits
  • DEDP Stakeholder Workshops
  • DEDP Sprint Workshop
  • DEDP Report
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