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Dine Athens Restaurant Week
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Alpha Bank, Mastercard
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When, back in 2016, we were asked by Alpha Bank to come up with a concept that would resonate with the Diners brand’s core values and history, and would engage with the restaurant sector for the first time, TOPOSOPHY knew that a conventional campaign or a catchy tagline would not be enough. This is how a new creative platform was born and grew to today be one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year in Greece. Can Dine Athens Restaurant Week keep up with its status as the city's most celebrated gastronomic event for the 7th year?
The Aim

Our research DNA and strategic approach led us to extensive research in the food industry and the engagement of numerous restaurant owners and potential guests. The "Restaurant Week" concept was missing from the Greek culinary scene and it was the perfect platform for our client to create meaningful connections both with its customers and the restaurant sector at a B2B level. Dine Athens Restaurant Week was born and TOPOSOPHY brought it to life end-to-end from concept development and branding to restaurant engagement & relations and customer experience curation.

Objective 01

Build on the event's reputation and legacy as the top culinary event in Athens and remain consistent with its prized characteristics.

Objective 02

Utilize various channels and platforms to increase overall coverage by engaging with Google Search, Performance Max, YouTube, Meta (Facebook & IG ), TikTok, and influencers.

Objective 03

Integrate several one-of-a-kind experiences from masterclasses to Michelin star nights.

Objective 04

Create awareness and increase Mastercard card usage in restaurants.

Objective 05

Offer exclusive benefits and experiences for Mastercard cardholders throughout the event.

Objective 06

Expand the network of affiliated restaurants & partner companies.

The Ingredients

What are the secret ingredients that make a concept not only succeed but also become an institution for the city's food scene? Dine Athens Restaurant Week gets better and better every year, always upgrading its unparalleled mix of fine dining experiences and exclusive gastronomic events and happenings.

Key element 01

3 weeks full of taste in a city-wide immersive experience

Key element 02

Fixed price menus of 15€, 30€ and 60€, and 80€ for Michelin-starred restaurants

Key element 03

10+ exclusive parallel events, available only for Mastercard cardholders

Key element 04

100+ of the best restaurants taking part

Key element 05

360° dedicated marketing campaign in coordination with all partners and sponsors

Key element 06

Creation of branded website (


Dine Athens Restaurant Week has grown to be the biggest and most established culinary event in the city. In 2023, the 7th year of Dine Athens, the impressive participation of the Athenian foodies was bigger and better than ever since 2019: 


Dine Athens customers


overall campaign impressions


Total menus sold in Dine Athens Restaurant Week since 2016


Increase to the restaurant turnover during the 2023 event, compared to previous weeks


Clients who used Alpha Bank Mastercard cards for their Dine Athens 2023 experience

“The event boosted my restaurant’s sales in the low season!”
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