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Coca-Cola CEE Trends Analysis & Design Sprint
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By the end of May 2020, the devastating effects of the pandemic on Europe’s hospitality industry had become clear. Keen to support struggling small businesses, Coca-Cola’s teams in Central and Eastern Europe set about designing and testing summer campaigns that would delight consumers while helping SMEs to survive – that’s where we came in.
The Challenge

Amid a highly turbulent environment for decision-making in marketing, Coca-Cola CEE wanted to gain clarity on the main trends shaping tourism supply and demand in mid-2020, and to hear from experts with in-depth knowledge of specific markets such as Greece, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria. Across two days, the aim was to hear our input, design campaigns and then get a critical appraisal in a short space of time.

Objective 01

Share new insights on the low-touch hi-tech economy emerging as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Objective 02

Review F&B and tourism market data and identify sales opportunities for Coca-Cola.

Objective 03

Curate a tailor made panel of experts for Coca-Cola teams to interview, and to provide insights on specific markets.

Objective 04

Curate an experts’ validation panel to review campaign pitches.


During the design sprint, we were asked to bring the teams up to date with the latest developments in global tourism, highlight some of the strategic challenges and market opportunities associated with reopening the F&B sector and finally, to give our insider tips on consumer trends that will emerge in the near future.

These insights were enriched further by a bespoke panel of international experts, selected and moderated by TOPOSOPHY. Buzzing with ideas, Coca-Cola’s teams proceeded to develop consumer marketing campaigns, each of which sought to appeal to consumers while also supporting small and medium-sized businesses in innovative ways. We joined our team of experts to give qualitative feedback on each pitch to help Coca-Cola’s teams to enrich their ideas further.

Key element 01

Design sprint delivered over 2 days to develop and refine consumer marketing campaigns.

Key element 02

Trends presentation summarising major influences on supply and demand in hospitality amid the spring 2020 Covid peak.

Key element 03

Curation of experts’ panel of speakers to review and refine campaign pitches.

Key element 04

Compilation of reading list for teams to review all resources and deep-dive into specific topics.

Key element 05

Campaign evaluation session with feedback from expert panel and TOPOSOPHY experts.


Our team's persistent efforts yielded these outcomes:


New insights on tourism shared with Coca-Cola teams who had rarely worked in the sector before.


Campaign pitches refined quickly as a result of our experts’ input.


Campaigns launched across CEE during summer 2022 with initiatives to help small hospitality businesses affected by the pandemic.

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