At a time of intense negative publicity, the official Greek National tourism Board decided it was time to show the world the true stories about Greece and promote the positive sides of Greece as a tourism destination. abouTourism, in partnership with ATCOM, were appointed by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), to design and implement series of digital tools which could be integrated in its existing set of marketing initiatives and would focus on reversing the downward climate and promote positive publicity about Greece as a tourism destination.


  • Manage general publicity surrounding the destination while protecting and further developing its positive image.
  • Provide a quick response to the information that was being reported about the country,  directly clarifying any existing “inaccuracies or speculations” that concerned the wider operational and service environment in the country as well as the safety and security levels at Greek tourism destinations, which had prompted a downward trend in the local travel market. 
  • Promote positive news and publicity, showcasing the actual situation and the positive sides of the destination.


Created an online reputation management and brand monitoring mechanism which allowed the national tourism board to track, register and manage accordingly all comments, reviews and observations that refer to Greece as a tourism destination. 
Managed the strategic and creative development of the concept while following a custom-made research plan to track and analyze the key target media sources
Developed an appropriate content development plan.  Deliverables included:

- Mini site development & management;
- Content planning & creation strategy
- Communications plan
- Content development & management
- “True Greece” supporters pool development

We have created a dynamic web based platform which is fully integrated in the existing marketing plan of the organization. and focuses on delivering targeted messages in these key areas: 1. Business as usual, 2. Value For Money/Affordability & 3. Safety. 

In line with the real time and social nature of the project, the initiative also calls for support from volunteers who tweet and share the truth about Greece by responding to inaccuracies or speculations they may come across online.


  • Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Marketing



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