Presentations of Rhodes' and Santorini's Destination Management Plans, Greece

21-31 October 2019

After 6 months of intense work, we are ready to share insights from the Destination Management Plans of Rhodes and Santorini and present the two projects in 4 cities around Greece. If you are interested in contemporary aproaches in changing destinations for the better, through culture, sustainability and community participation, you shouldn’t miss our events.

21.10- Santorini

23.10- Rhodes

30.10- Chania

31.10- Athens

ReformBnb Conference, Buenos Aires

4-5 November 2019

In November hoteliers, academics, community organizations and politicians will gather in Buenos Aires to discuss the challenges that the short-term rental industry is posing on the tourism sector and society. Following Toposophy’s continuing knowledge-building in the collaborative economy, Manolis Psarros will moderate a panel discussion and give a presentation on overall trends and initiatives in the collaborative economy, with a focus on developments in Latin America, North America and Europe.

HELEXPO 2019, Athens

December 2019

In relation to the HELEXPO theme, our Head of Research, Pantazis Patras will address the travel habits and characteristics of the Millennials.  Linked to Toposophy’s and European Travel Commission’s ongoing project about Gen Z, the presentation will be also focused on Millenials' motivations, consumption patterns and expectations at different phases of the customer journey. 

New Trends in Tourism Conference, Gdansk

The 11th edition of the New Trends in Tourism Conference in Gdansk, one of the most important tourism related events in Poland, will include also a Toposophy representative. Manolis Psarros will address some of the latest trends on Millennials' travel habits and the relevant strategies that organizations should adopt in order to be competitive.





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