At TOPOSOPHY we’ve always believed in facing the facts and embracing the present as it is, not as we’d like it to be. We also like to bring practical recommendations to our audiences that will make a difference to their business and help them to learn people who’ve been putting this into practice. We recently made this happen with a spectacular event Tourism in Transition in Athens.

The setting for the event was the annual conference of the Greek Tourism Confederation, SETE. The event long brought together the country’s biggest players to discuss the future direction of tourism in the country, but this year they were looking to revamp their annual conference. The aim was to reflect a newly confident tourism sector that’s celebrating record growth, and but also questioning what this growth means for communities across the country.

SETE called on TOPOSOPHY, who collaborated with weareJARVIS the content studio of tech hub Found.ation who together produced a dazzling event at Athens’ Hilton Hotel, complete with a glamourous Aegean Airlines crew to set the scene (and tell us to fasten our seatbelts!). TOPOSOPHY was responsible for coordinating the event’s content, and producing two high-quality panel events, the first of which involved learning Amsterdam and Copenhagen, two cities that have revamped their strategy to take a citizen-centric approach in order to cope with rapid tourism growth.

Our second panel brought in some big ideas on the ‘Little Things in Hospitality’ that surprise and delight guests to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Two specialists, Valerie Pretscher from funky home-work space Zoku, and Kashyap Bhattacharya a.k.a. The Budget Traveller joined us to give dozens of examples from the use of public space, to the schedule and style of meals and the little extras provided in bedrooms and bathrooms.

In addition to two panels, Peter Jordan, TOPOSOPHY’S Head of Insights presented an interactive Masterclass called Tourism Tectonics, where Greek tourism leaders were able to discuss the pace of tourism growth in Greek destinations, and the role of the private sector in managing growth responsibly, especially in smaller island communities.

TOPOSOPHY’s expert associates present masterclasses, workshops, keynote speeches and webinars throughout the year. To find out how your organisation could benefit from a TOPOSOPHY keynote or workshop, just get in touch at info@toposophy.com 





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