Change is in the air for Aberdeenshire, an outstanding region of Scotland with a rich heritage, globally-recognised food and drink, stunning natural scenery and most of all, space for growth. After working closely with VisitAberdeenshire and its industry partners, TOPOSOPHY has mapped out a five-year strategy for tourism success in North East Scotland.
Big things are coming to Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, a region covering over 6,000 square kilometres of Northern Scotland. For many, Aberdeen had become best known for its thriving oil and gas industry (and, of course Aberdeen Angus beef), however the ‘Silver City’ is about to become well-known for two other major assets: a major international conference centre and a new cruise terminal.
These developments, coupled with the region’s already-strong reputation for world-class golf, rich Scottish heritage and captivating natural scenery called for a tourism strategy that could help boost the regional economy, while easing pressure on overcrowded destinations elsewhere in Scotland. To capitalise on this major opportunity, recently-formed VisitAberdeenshire turned to TOPOSOPHY to develop a strategy that could help grow the visitor economy, with a target of £1 billion overnight and day combined visitor spend by 2023.

As part of the strategy process, TOPOSOPHY led an industry consultation with over 80 local businesses, carried out interviews with local industry leaders and took a step-by-step approach to presenting its findings and forward planning through meetings and workshops in Aberdeenshire. We also brought a global perspective on the region’s strongest sectors: business events, cruise, golf, culture and heritage, food and drink, and the great outdoors.

VisitAberdeenshire CEO Chris Foy explained his satisfaction with the result: “It has been a delight to work with TOPOSOPHY on this project. The intellectual vigour that was brought to their analysis provided a robust platform for the subsequent findings and recommendations. TOPOSOPHY’s approach has allowed us to assess the challenges and opportunities facing Aberdeenshire through Scottish, UK, and European perspectives.

The strategy is now available online as the VisitAberdeenshire will now consult with local tourism suppliers on the action plan, which prioritises actions over the coming five years.
Boosting Scotland’s Visitor Economy in smart ways
Earlier this year, TOPOSOPHY was pleased to present the findings of a major study The Collaborative Economy and Scottish Tourism, which explained how tourism in Scotland could benefit from boosting the supply of services and experiences available through collaborative economy platforms. The final report has already been used by the Scottish Government to determine its policies on the collaborative economy in future years.
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