Looking forward to a series of great events

Though we have lived and breathed WTM for many years, the build up to the beginning of November is always the best period for professional reflection and a thorough appreciation on ongoing changes.

Particularly this year TOPOSOPHY experts are going to be all around ExCeL-London. We are actually looking forward to sharing with you the key moments of recent months and offering a glimpse of what the future holds for global travel industry during the following events:

Manolis Psarros (, TOPOSOPHY Managing Director, will join the Social Silk Road Conference sponsored by UNWTO to discuss with representatives of BBC, Amadeus and Gogobot about the challenges that the rise of personalization in travel experience entails for emerging destinations.

Peter Jordan (, TOPOSOPHY Senior Tourism Analyst, will encourage destinations and businesses to pay more attention to the provision of high-quality and authentic experiences to young Asian travelers while moderating a panel debate between the CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association, the Head of Communications of UNWTO, and the Head of Destination Marketing APAC of TripAdvisor. 

Peter will also consider what it takes for your destination authority or travel company to get ahead of the game in 2016 at the dawn of 6 new trends shaping the future of tourism marketing

Kash Bhattacharya (, TOPOSOPHY Travel Blogger Outreach Specialist, will join a panel of bloggers, content marketers and travel companies to provide practical advice on B2C marketing corporate content strategy

Kash will also take a look into the initiatives already undertaken by brands in partnership with bloggers to raise the awareness of local content on a global scale.

This is indeed a busy schedule, but we will be glad to meet up with you either before or after these events so please feel to contact us at our email accounts and we will proceed with suitable arrangements. 





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